Rafting, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, skiing ... Whatever activity you love, in Elati you will enjoy it especially.

Many people for their holidays prefer the mountain for winter and summer destinations. It is cool and calm. Physical activities in the forest and the mountain are a means of recreation and contact with the natural environment.

Many consider Elati a paradise for lovers of mountain sports. Here every season has its own charm. From spring to winter the landscape is literally transformed, offering unforgettable experiences for adults and children can discover nature with various activities.


Hiking in the area forests

In Elati and the surrounding area there are marked trails with hiking and mountaineering routes that give you the opportunity to get in touch with nature and its beauties. At our hotel we provide you with all the necessary information you will need for your excursions depending on your experience and mood.

Motorcycle in South Pindos

Come with your motorcycle and we will discover together beautiful villages, fantastic routes and impassable paths enjoying your stay at our hotel.

Oreades hotel organizes one-day or two-day excursions with On-Off or Enduro motorcycle with an experienced driver in the wider area of southern Pindos with the enchanting nature and the wonderful mountains.

The routes are suggested and vary in degree of difficulty and kilometers depending on the mood and level of the riders.
Information numbers 6932349330 - Panagiotis, 6977580978 - Thanasis.

Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο

Skiing at Pertouli Ski Center

In the place "Pertouliotika Livadia", in Pertouli, at a distance of 7 km from our hotel and at an altitude of 1170 m - 1370 meters operates the ski center of Pertouli. It is one of the most easily accessible in the country, just 45 'from the city of Trikala, right between Elati and Pertouli. With slopes for new skiers but also more experienced, the Ski Center is a pole of attraction with or without snow!

There is a ski school on site, with experienced teachers, as well as an equipment rental shop. There is a children's track of 350 meters, a track for beginners of 100 meters, two advanced tracks of 1400 meters and an endurance track of 4743 meters.

Extreme sports at Pertouli

In Pertouli, at a distance of 7 km from our hotel, you can find professionals and indulge in various activities such as snowmobile, horse riding, hiking, archery and mountain biking.

The labyrinthine paths-forest roads of Koziakas allow the visitor to see all the beauties of the mountain mass. At the same time you can admire the snow-covered fir trees, the snow-white meadows of Pertouli, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Koziaka or Kerketio and the enchanting beauty that the landscape offers.

Rafting Aspropotamos

Rafting at Aspropotamos

The descent starts from Tria Potamia and ends at the Alexiou Bridge. It reserves unique moments of enjoyment and adventure with continuous passes, but without much difficulty since it is mainly 2nd - 3rd degree. The natural beauty of the mountainous landscape and the steep mountain slopes around of the river contribute to a uniquely enchanting rafting experience.

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