Pertouli Trikala

At an altitude of 1090 meters on the slopes of Koziakas and at a distance of 54 km W. from Trikala, a mountain paradise surrounded by mountains, dense forests, green meadows and running water is waiting to conquer you. Built amphitheatrically, Pertouli used to be a gathering place for local breeders. Today what makes the village stand out and be one of the most popular mountain resorts in Greece, are its picturesque stone houses with red or stone roofs, the ski resort and the good tourist infrastructure. 

Περτουλιώτικα λιβάδια
Grass fields of Pertouli

Grass fields of Pertouli

About 5 km before Pertouli, the fir forest begins to recede and in its place appear shrubs and grass. You have reached the green Pertouliotika Meadows, with the low hydrophilic plants and the river Pertouliotiko (or Xeria) that creates during the flow of meanders, the "spools" as the locals call it and hosts river fish and frogs.

An endless landscape of calm invites you to discover it! You will meet galloping horses, free-range cows, streams and small ponds, while roe deer and deer pass by you while picnicking, in the recreation areas. From Pertouliotika meadows you can reach through a path to the shelter "Hadjipetros", at an altitude of 1,738 m.

Visit the Meadows of Pertouli on the last weekend of May, in the meeting of the Sarakatsani, with participation from all over Greece and abroad, and celebrate with dances, songs and good food!